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CGC At A Glance

Who we are:

•The Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict (CGC) is an intellectual community of faculty, students, and professional practitioners committed to addressing the gendered dynamics of conflict, including the direct violence of war, sexual assault and genocide and pressing issues of political and economic marginalization.

Our mission:

•CGC works to address root causes of gendered violence through innovative research, theory-driven practice, and by fostering the next generation of gender focused scholars.

What we do:

•Innovative research on gender and violence
•Engaged conflict resolution practice in the U.S. and around the world
•Education in the classroom and in the field
•Theory development to improve outcomes for groups including the Asia Foundation and the UN
•Support of student-driven research and practice initiatives

Examples of Current Projects

• Collaborative partnership with Indonesia Institute for Social Science and Human Rights
to train S-CAR and Indonesian doctoral students in field research methods
• Strategic planning consultation services to the Highly Inclusive Intra-Rwandan Dialogues,
an initiative to alleviate trauma and ongoing tensions from the 1994 genocide in
• Support of women peace builders in Burma, in collaboration with Communities Without
Boundaries International
• Contributing to the United Nations post-Millennium Development Goals agenda

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