Addressing Gendered Violence through Innovative Research, Teaching and Theory-Driven Practice


CGC engages in research projects around the world, both through collaborative partnerships with other academic institutions as well as projects initiated by our staff. The Center directly supports Ph.D. and M.S. student research projects through fellowships and intensive faculty mentorship.


CGC provides a critical space for scholars, students and practitioners to reflect on the gendered dimensions of conflict to push the theoretical boundaries of the field to improve conflict interventions, gender focused research, and policy development to arrest gendered violence.


CGC directly addresses gendered violence through consultancies to organizations including the United Nations, as well as through partnerships with NGOs working in conflict settings. We support student driven practice initiatives through faculty guidance and grants to engage in peacebuilding projects.

Col. Ellen Haring, S-CAR PhD Student, Successfully Takes on the U.S. Military’s Ban on Women in Combat

S-CAR Ph.D. student Col. Ellen Haring boldly took on the Department of Defense’s ban on women in combat in a class action law suit, eventually leading to the D.O.D.’s decision to lift the ban on January 23, 2013.

CGC’s Patrick Hakizimana sat down with Col. Haring to talk about the lawsuit, her research at S-CAR, and her passion for gender equity in the U.S. military.  Click on the video to watch the interview. 

Mark your calendars for CGC’s 2nd Annual Conference

Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict will be hosting its 2nd Annual Research Conference March 21-22, 2014. Call for Presentations will be released the week of November 11, 2013.

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